Over the past several years, First Down Football Products’ staff has made a thorough study of NCAA football venues with an eye toward fan behavior, particularly as relates to the safety of all fans, players, and stadium officials.  In light of serious injuries incurred because fans tear down goal posts during post-game celebrations, a review of collapsible goal posts was undertaken.  We soon learned that no stadium had a set of collapsible goal posts that were actually practical to lower in the seconds following the end of the game.  Enter First Down Football Products’ collapsible goal posts.

Our design philosophy was simple – the goal posts had to be easy to use, quick to deploy, user friendly, and above all, safe for all concerned.  We also realized that most multi-use stadiums will install and remove their goal posts with great regularity.  For this reason, we spent a lot of time with grounds crews, learning what would make their job as easy as possible.

First Down’s innovative collapsible goal posts can be lowered so that the crossbar and uprights are flat on the field in less than ten seconds, and can be erected in less than a minute.  Both operations require only one operator.  The goal posts are made in the USA, using the best materials available.  Skilled craftsmen provide superior workmanship.  Combined with their potential for limiting liability due to injury and death, these quality goal posts also offer true value to the stadium operator. 

First Down Football Products is a family owned and operated California Corporation dedicated to the design and manufacture of quality safety products for high school, collegiate, and professional football.  Our willingness to challenge convention and to think outside the box is our defining attitude.


George Wiley retired after 40 years of service with the Pasadena, California Police Department, during which time he was heavily involved in football operations at America's Stadium - the Rose Bowl.  During the last several years of his career, he had direct oversight for the planning and staffing of public safety personnel at all major events. 

Growing up an Air Force brat instilled in Kelly Higgins a respect for different cultures and an intuitive understanding of people.  She has utilized her interpersonal skills in such areas as fashion design, restaurant management, and insurance sales for AAA.

Ultimately, it was Kelly’s experience working in the solar power industry that gave her a passion for innovation, technology, and public service.  She is proud to have worked with Sacred Power in conjunction with the Navajo Nation, bringing much needed energy to isolated communities.  She recognizes the need to have a high level of technical competency while maintaining the ability to plainly convey those concepts to the consumer.

Kelly is excited to be a part of the First Down Football Products family where she can serve an industry that is not only cutting edge but brings joy to so many people.